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birds, bumblebees and wildlife

birds bumblebee wildlife photo videos by Simon :-)
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Hi my name is Simon Knott ~ Birder, Artist, Designer, Gardener ~ Degree in 3D Design.... Love Birds and bird Song... Computers & Digital photography.... I enjoy the country side, nature and wildlife... I also like in contrast technical stuff like computers, webpage design, science, itouch, tweeter, blogging, digital photography, astronomy and telescopes

Love Life drawing, Painting and Gardening (for wildlife) too...

I Support my local Worcestershire County Cricket Club

I also love Model Aircraft Flying and I'm a member of Central Model Flying Club, Worcestershire, England... I helped with their website : http://www.cmfc.org.uk/

And my new website for the real flyers.. the birds :-)

I will include you all as my friends...
If you are not on the list just add +++ or mail/message me !

My Bird & Wildlife website : "simbird"


For Birders and Wildlife lovers ~ Birds, Bumblebees and Wildlife photos videos &

information... Birdcam (Bird webcam) pics & vids and "How to build your own Birdcam"

Pin your blue dot on my map below to see where your from ~:-)

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